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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Toy Review: SH Figuarts Gokai Yellow

The most talked about pirate in the series Gokai Yellow. All thanks to boyish but sexy Luka Milfy aka Mao Ichimichi. I think she is the only actor I know that I actually remember her stage name. I know that Gokai Yellow's suit actor is male but I still picture Mao behind the mask doing things she is known for. Like most of young adolescence of this era, I consider her one of the best looking super sentai heroines. Let see if this oozing sex appeal translate is SHF form.

Her box is thicker than the three male pirates before her. It is because the Gokai Darin is inside rather than having its own separate box. Thinking about it, could Bandai have done the same thing as previous SHF Gokai releases? With this, the plastic tray comes in two, as it were for SHF Kamen Rider Eternal.

She is quite a handful with 11 exchangeable hands, 3 of which are used for her roll call pose. Other usual inclusions are the mobirates with two keys, the two extra cylinders for the gun and sabre and a Gokai Gun. But what sets off from the set are the three kinds of Gokai Sabre, a common pirate sword, a fused sabre and one with a rope on its base. The fused swords' mold is similar to Gokai Blue but only the base are touching one another to look like Darth Maul's (from Star Wars) light sabre. The more recognizable sword is the one with the rope, actually its a wire. GokaiYellow uses this a lot on the series whenever she has both Sabres on each hand. The wire helps a lot in action poses. But sadly we have one, the show showcases two of these.

SH Figuarts Gokai Yellow is equally sexy with most of the body parts are proportionate unlike Shinken Yellow whose head is too big for the frame. Her petite frame's height is at Blue's shoulder. When I say petite, even her arms and legs are very thin, but rest assured that these are as sturdy are the earlier trio. Additional skirt parts are also part of the accessories to allow more dynamic leg articulation. But I the default skirt would already suffice.

I see no major faults in SHF Gokai Yellow. In fact I was enjoying placing her in different poses more than the usual battle and roll call sequences. Ergo, I had her strutting and exposing her sexiness. This is a toy nerds with Mao-mania can absorb.









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