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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Toy Review: SH Figuarts Ankh (Lost)

2011 was absolutely a crazy year with tons of SH Figuarts releases almost every week. I had to adjust my spending budget and choose the ones I like and stick to it. My strategy was the same with Dopants - skip all. This means I missed a lot, for example the SHF GREEED releases. I hailed GREEED SHFs as one of the best figures of 2011 because of how detailed these villains were, their playability etc. What was getting in my way was the price point. But amongst the Greeed figures I skipped I only chose two figures to get, one is Ankh (Lost) and the other is Ankh Complete (coming soon).

The S.H. Figuarts Lost Ankh continues on the legacy of good-looking SHF GREEED figures since last year. I've seen them all but this is my first Greeed ever. I passed the previous releases because the prices were too steep for me back then. Besides with the miniscule budget I have, I set just to take only one Greeed.

Ankh Lost or Lost Ankh came on the latter part of the series, confirming that Ankh (hand) was indeed a GREEED separated from its own body. The story is similar how Kame and Piccolo came to be in Dragon Ball Z Kai. As the last pure Greeed to arrive, he may not be commanding but lets his power do the talking. Let's see how he translates to SH Figuarts form. Welcome to my review of the SH Figuarts Ankh (Lost).

Ankh's accessories include three hands, two for the left and one for the right. As an exclusive he also has a plain Tamashii Stage Act 4 stand and to akin to its user, there are two stacks of medals that you can plug on the stage. This is very Ankh Stand Set-like.

Our feathery fiend has a slew of feather accents and a pair of wings to form the shoulder parts like shoulder pads for Kamen Riders. Its hind wings are the highlight of the set that are applied with gradient colors much ado with this right arm. Snapping these feathers all together on to Ankh are easy but together, it slightly hinders head articulation in static form. That's why there is a ball joint for the white feather accessory for easy adjustment.

Ankh (Lost) is one fine piece of SHF Legacy with details I didn't image would be there (see the photos below). The form is a mix of Tajadol's greatness translated in monster likeness. The only reason I picked up this figure is because he has a lot of significance to the story in my opinion.

I love what it is. In fact, I'm also set to get the Complete Ankh too. 







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