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Monday, May 7, 2012

Toy Review: RAH 220 DX Kamen Rider 1 (New Version)

The RAH 220 Kamen Rider 1 or Ichigo is a good alternative to your 1/6 scale figures. These are very rare today and may cost you some amount to acquire these. However, due to how long it was released, you will see some wear and tear on the "leaves" at the back of the figure. It is just a minor mishap that any household glue can fix.

Surprisingly, the material used to create the costume is almost show accurate.Good thing that the costume is on a stretchy nylon fabric that allows some breathing room for the joints to move. But the fabric can easily be peeled off when not careful, what is more susceptible to flake off is the muffler on his neck.

There is just one exception on the articulation which are seen on the hands. You may move those but these spring back since they are in soft rubber type plastics. I'm happy that these joints are more poseable than today's RAH's, quite weird since this was released years ago before the Hsieh RAH riders came into the foray that have a lot of hindrances despite advances in design.

Other accessories include 5 hands - 2 of which are for the "henshin" pose 1 relaxed and two first hands. I'm not sure why there are two fist hands that are both for his left arm. Both look the same really. In addition, it comes with your typical RAH/Medicom stand which is very helpful in making him stand up.

If you have enough spare cash to spend, I would recommend this figure. Also if you want to update the costume and make some modifications, you can easily do this by unzipping the costume. I may do this soon.




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