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Monday, July 16, 2012

Gobusters Episode 21: Farewell, Blue Buste - SUB

Gobusters episode 21 is entitled: Farewell, Blue Buster "Saraba Burū Basutā" (さらば ブルーバスター). Ryuji's Weakpoint begins to severely harm him, putting his life in danger if he ever fights the Vaglass, again. Knowing Ryuji’s weakness went under a program to control it. It is necessary that Ryuji remains cool and not overheat. Suddenly, the airconditioning system fails and Ryuji condition starts to become worse. Everyone is worried about Ryuji and want to bring his body temperature down even Gorisaki is coming certain state of panic. His condition is becoming more life threatening.

Subbed version can be downloaded via OT


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