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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Green Flash Saves Life!

According to Yomiuri Online, Kihachiro Uemura, 51, will be receiving a letter of Appreciation from Kanda Fire Department in Tokyo on July 12 for saving an elderly man in cardiac or reparatory arrest at JR Akiba Station. Mr. Umemura provided cardiopulmonary resuscitation with AED at the station and save his life.

Mr. Umemura appeared in one of the Super Sentai Series, "超新星フラッシュマン (Choshinsei Flashman) " as Green Flash from 1986 to 87. Not just only in the hero show, he thought he can help others in his everyday life, and he has been practicing his CPA skills and he has been acting as an volunteer instructor of First Aid for locals. 


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