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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

D-Arts Terry Bogard Seen On SDCC

First seen in Tamashii Nations 2011 event, D-Arts Terry Bogard has made his way to San Diego Comic Con on display. This means there is a huge chance that the rest of the King of Fighters character might arrive as well in the shores of U.S. and of Canada through Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA. (I understand the photo covers only the lower limbs but the resemblance is obvious).

Earlier on, we reported that Tamashii Nations' current humanoid offering will evolve once again with more detailed and seamless joint design. In one image there is a pose that looks like a shoryuken position. Since D-Arts will be releasing the KOF line, it is more likely the Street Fighter franchise will follow suit. Stay tuned for more updates. 
Street Fighter coming soon?

from Tamashii Nations 2011


Therion Xion said...

Terry Bogard? So, SNK finally gave gave rights to Bandai to make some good figures. I'm pretty happy about this. I wonder if they are going to go the Fatal Fury route, or King Of Fighters route. I hope the latter.

***Firestarter1331*** said...

i'm also surprised as you are. Let's just see how it goes and I hope they produce Street Fighters too

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