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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Know More About Kamen Rider Wizard's Rings

Here is another great batch of Kamen Rider Wizard magazine clips courtesy of alternate-zer0. Let's see what is in store for us before we actually watch the 14th Hsieh rider on September 2.

Most likely, Kamen Rider Wizard will first appear on the upcoming twin bill Kamen Rider Movie entitled: Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: It's Space Time, Everyone! premiering this August 4.

During the movie, Kamen Rider Fourze is in a bind trying to defeat the Zodiart Horoscope all together. Kamen Rider Wizard makes an appearance and says “Leave the rest to me!”. Using his WizarSwordGun, he tries to take down Virgo.

Kamen Rider Wizard is Souma Haruto (played by Shunya Shiraishi). After surviving the incident during an ancient solar eclipse ceremony, a mysterious white magician entrusted him with the WizarDriver to defeat the enemies, the Phantoms.

He uses the Flame Wizard Ring to scan on the WizardDriver to transform in Rider Wizard.

Aside from his base form - Flame Style, his rider kick is called "Kick Strike!" initially uses to defeat the Phantoms.

On this image, he have another look on Kamen Rider Wizard's main bike, the Machine Winger.

Apart from the transformation belt, he was also entrusted the Wizard Rings. Seen in the image above is the transformation rings: Flame Ring, Land Ring, Hurricane Ring, and Water Ring; and, ability rings such as Big Ring, Copy Ring, Connect Ring and "Rider Kick" Ring.

Kamen Rider Wizard's main weapon is the WizarSwordGun. Obviously, as the name suggests, it can transform to both a sword and a gun. Unlike other tokusatsu wherein the weapons almost came out of nowhere, it has been revealed (lower right of the image) that Wizard acquires the WizarSwordGun via the Connect Ring.

Kamen Rider Wizard's alternate forms are called "Styles" and controls a certain element. Style so far are the following: Flame Style, Land Style, Hurricane Style, and Water Style. 

Here's another image featuring the different Kamen Rider Wizard Styles, fighting the Phantoms.

Here's another look at Kamen Rider Wizard's Machine Winger.

Now let see how the rings and other weapons work on Wizard.

● Flame Style
This is a basic form of Kamen Rider Wizard when he scans the ring on the Wizard Driver. The main attribute is Fire and has the power to manipulate flames and heat.

● Hurricane style
Transformation by using a ring with the attributes of a hurricane wind. He sort of dances to invoke wind and allows him to fly in a certain height.

● Water Style
Transformation by using a water ring with the attributes the water. He has the ability to manipulate the water.

●Land Style
Land transformation using the ring with the attributes of the soil. To defend against enemy attacks he can summon a wall from the ground.

● WizardSwordGun
Wizard magic weapon that is both gun and sword. To use, he utilize Fire Magic by a hand shake on the WizardSwordGun.

Motif of each style is placed in a square with an engraved mysterious character.

Source: CA3, Jefusion


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