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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gavan Movie Plot Leaked!

More information and plot has been leaked as we reach the upcoming Gavan The Movie, the 30th anniversary offering featuring Kenji Ohba reprising his role as Gavan and Yuma Ishigaki as Gavan Type-G. Gavan returned to the big screen through the movie Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger VS Uchuu Keiji Gavan fighting against our sentai pirates and in the end teamed up with Marvelous in one of the most epic team up to date.

Fifteen years ago, three childhood friends, Geki, Sherry and Okuma, were star-gazing and became inspired to go into space. As adults, Geki and Okuma join a mission to Mars, but their space shuttle goes missing before they could reach their destination. A year later, a monster attacks and a mysterious silver-colored warrior appears.

Retsu (the original Gavan) is now a special detective for the Galactic Federation Police and is training Geki as his replacement. Sherry joins SARD, an organization who’s mission is to help further space exploration and works alongside JAXA. She helps design a new Dolgiran with SARD. Sherry’s aunt, Eleena, is the secretary to Commander Com, the leader of the Galactic Federation Police. Itsuki, another childhood friend of Geki, joins SARD as a Physics Research Developer.

Gavan has a new attack called the Gavan Hyper Dynamic. The Space Mafia Maku returns and plans on creating a wormhole. The Lizard Doubler monster is currently being dealt with by two other famous Space Sheriffs.


Geki Jumonji (27) – Yuma Ishigaki
Retsu Ichijoji (50) – Kenji Ohba
Itsuki Kawai (25) – Yukari Taki
Okuma Toya (27) – Nagaoka Takuya
Sherry (19) – Suzuka Morita
Commander Com (68) – Toshiaki Nishizawa
Eleena (27) – Honoka
Kill Witch – Sanae Hitomi
Iwamoto, Section Chief of SARD – Ijiri Okada


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