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Friday, July 13, 2012

Live-Action Street Fighter Series in Production

More juicy information has been revealed in this year's San Diego Comic Con. The latest is the live action series of Street Fighter. Called “Street Fighter Assassin's Fist” producer Yoshinori Ono has made this announcement and the directors who created the Youtube Street Fighter experimental film Street Fighter: Legacy will be at the helm of the production. The story will revolve around Ryu and Ken training on this ancient fighting style called Ansatsuken or Assassin's Fist.

The youtube Street Fighter Legacy short film's director Joey Ansah will finally make his vision into fruition while Christian Howard and Jacqueline Quella are producing the series. Content Media Corpo will distribut the title globally in 2013. Lets go back to Joey Ansah's youtube short film to see what to expect on the upcoming SF series.


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