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Friday, July 13, 2012

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Meteor

The S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Meteor. Why do secondary riders look so cool? It is the same question I raise every time when I see evil Kamen Riders for the first time. Meteor's entrance was a welcomed one when he joined the our band of misfits in Kamen Rider Club. Disco music, flashing lights and a Bruce Lee's Jeet-Kune-Do style completes the whole package and ranks amongst favorite riders of all time. Let's take a look on his S.H. Figuarts form.

Meteor's box art comes in a deep black motif with Mars, Saturn and Jupiter printed on its window separated by a falling Meteor. An image of the figure is printed as well in front and galaxy rings that follows the character's suit design.

SHF Meteor is another simple Figuart set with 7 hands, mostly unique for his fighting poses and another for activating the Meteor Galaxy. For some reason, switching the hands have the easiest feel without any problems or worries that these don't snug well on the ball joints. There is extra Meteor Galaxy with the switch on and a replacement driver without the switch. For me this is great because I don't need to be mindful too much of the switch detaching so easily like how the Fourze driver is to me. The Meteor Driver replacement accessory fits like a glove on his belt, but I cannot say the same with the Meteor Galaxy. The extra Meteor Galaxy's socket is slightly wider therefore feels shaky on the wrists.

What's SHF without the HulaShake Foodriod in two modes? This has a robot mode and a shake mode. Both are cute and pairs well with Meteor.

Some would complain that you cannot see the compound eyes from the design of the helmet, but I think it looks fine with me. The "dimples" surrounding his body is neat and with the right amount of poseability making this fun to play with. Probably a QC issue, the right leg is wobbly and hard to place him in different jeet-kune-do stances without using a Tamashii Stand. The highlight for me is the blue transluscent plastic on his right shoulder that his light enough to see the design inside.

Overall, secondary riders still remain the best looking design for their costumes and this S.H. Figuart is no exemption.





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