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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gobuster Episode Guide 24 and 25

In the next few episodes, Hiromu is going back to school and the team is in a trance being hypnotized by candles?

Episode 24 A très bien Summer Festival
Hiromu goes back to help old high school students and join their troupe to perform in this year's summer festival. The festival is struggling but still Hiromu insists that the festivities should not be cancelled. Ryuji and Yoko are quite interested how Hiromu acts on a daily basis so they follow him even in unusual places. The summer festival comes to a big mess when a Wataameloid abruptly appears.

Episode 25 (title TBA)
Gobusters are suddenly hypnotized by candles from Lanternloid and they experience nightmares and delusions. How can they escape their fears?

Source: CA3


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