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Monday, August 13, 2012

Gobusters Episode Guide 26-27

Additional info for upcoming Gobusters episode has sprung up from the net. Another Enetron consumption has lead the team noticed that data is missing. Eraser Metaroid appears which Enter created.

Episode 26: The Tiny Enemy! Control Room SOS. 
Eraser Metaroid appears and this is one of Enter's creation. Gobusters sense some abnormal Enetron reaction but was ignored since it seems that it was too small a problem. Gobusters went back to their base as a result. In the base, Gorisaki seems to notice that there are some data that disappeared, Nick and Usada looks silenced and perplexed.What happened to these two?

Episode 27: Labyrinth Escape Runaway Duo (TBA)
Hiromu went to a program research center based on a witness account from the information about Vagrass. He dealt with Dr. Kudo to find nothing in particular about the subject. Gobusters have doubts about Dr. Kudo actions and attitude and questions the Doctor again. 

Source: CA3


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