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Monday, August 13, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Opening and Promo Revealed

Recently, the promotional video of Kamen Rider Wizard has been streamed and below is the video for your entertainment. The video showcases Kamen Rider Wizard's different styles and how each Magic affects the user. Also included are our first glimpse of the Phantoms. First airing will be this September 2nd.

The event took place on the day of eclipse during a mysterious ritual. Haruto Souma received from an unintentified "white witch" a Kamen Rider transformation device. He is tasked to be Kamen Rider Wizard to defeat the Phantoms born from the eclipse ritual.  

According to Kamen Rider Avex Sound Web that the opening theme of the show is entitled “Life is SHOW TIME” by sung by Shou Kiryuuin of Golden Bomber. There will be 4 version to be distributed: CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A and B, a CD+DVD Regular Edition, for 1890 yen each, and a CD-only version for 1260 yen. The single will be released this October 17th.


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