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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Titles Released [UPDATED!!]

Everyone is excited as we welcome the 47 rider, Kamen Rider Wizard. In the latest issue of Figure Oh, we have now the titles and air dates of Kamen Rider Wizard episodes. It's SHOWTIME!

Episode 1: The Wizard Ring - 09/02

The event took place on a mysterious solar eclipse ritual. Souma Haruto receives the WizarDriver from an unidentified "white sorcerer." He is tasked to be Kamen Rider Wizard to defeat the Phantoms born from the ritual.  

The police entered a warehouse to investigate reports of demons lurking.  An eerie demon eerie stands in front of a criminal and detective Rinko stepped on the scene . She is struggling to work on her issued pistol on the demon and it seems it is not working. No gun is working.  Haruto appears, transforms into Kamen Rider Wizard and shoots with a silver bullet. Rinko was stunned in his presence. During the fight, Rinko heard the word Wizard and asks Haruto if he is indeed a wizard. Not knowing what just happened, Rinko handcuffed Haruto and locked him in jail.
Phantoms are demons born from people's despair which our hero must fight in an intense war.
Koyomi plays an important part because what she has is a special Wizard ring to summon Plamonsters. Other powers include that she can see what is currently going on from a crystal ball.

The Winger Wizard Dragon comes from a wizard dragon's spirit lurking from the underworld which combines with Wizard's bike. Total length is 7.82 m.

Episode 2: I Want to be a Wizard - 09/09

Haruto runs after a Hellhound Phantom. Nara on this event saw Haruto and follows him to become his apprentice.  On other scene, Rinko is also chasing a Phantom and Haruto was surprised to see Koyomi.

Episode 3: TBA -9/16
Someone can use magic for some reason. Who could this be?

Episode 4: TBA  - 9/23

The next Phantom that appears enters the body of a pianist and the has the ability to consume power. Koyomi tries to assist Haruto.

Episode 5: TBA - 9/30
Today is the piano contest and the Phantom is trying to enter the contest hall doors.
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