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Friday, September 7, 2012

Additional Guide to Wizard Episodes 3-5

Aside from the posted list of episode guides for Kamen Rider Wizard, here are more details you need to watch out on the upcoming adventures. There are slight spoilers so better watch out.

Episode 3: Transform! Live Broadcast "Henshin! Namachūkei" (変身!生中継) (9/16)
Flames form in front of the children as the magic show is about to begin. Shunpei Nara wants to introduce magic on TV. Haruto notices that a Phantom is behind all of this to playing cheap tricks. Haruto thinks that Shunpei is a Gate.

Episode 4: Title TBA (9/23)

To create a new Phantom, evil sets their eyes on Eisaku Takagi, a prodigy pianist. Takagi was in despair a day before the competition which could have been his stepping stone for his comeback to the limelight. Takagi was attacked but Haruto was there in the nick of time to help.

Episode 5: Title TBA (9/30)
One more step before the Gate opens and counter attacks of magic have been exchanged. Takagi knows that he is being targeted and Haruto points out that he helping not because he want to help Takagi participate in the contest.


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