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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gavan Web Manga To Be Released This October

Additional information has been scanned recently in line with the upcoming film, Gavan The Movie. Akita Shoten will be releasing a special site for the Space Sheriff Gavan THE COMIC web manga that will be released this October 17th in a weekly basis. 
In addition, Asahi Shimbun will be publishing a Space Sheriff Gavan THE NOVEL and in line is the  Space Sheriff Gavan THE MOVIE,  a Uchuusen Magazine supplement material — a series of short stories published by Hobby Japan.

The said web manga version will be produced by Tooru Fujisawa (GTO, Shonan Junai Gumi, GTR) and illustrated by Masaki Ota (Silent Blood). The web manga chapters will be released every Wednesday starting October 17th. 

In addition, more magazine images has been posted. In the movie Blidon, a Black Knight, is leading the Space Crime Syndicate Makuu. His aim is to reorganize the Makuu, to do that he targets Itsuki Kawai. They are in a secret mission to bring back Don Horror, but how will they do it?

Retsu Ichijouji (Uchuu Keiji Gavan) is now a special detective for the Galactic Federation Police and trains Geki Jumonji a.k.a Gavan Type-G as his replacement. It is been said that to rescue Itsuki, he has to do it alone. 

Apart from Blidon, Makuu is composed of Zan Vardon, Witch Kill and Lizard Doubler. Zan's body is made of the wrath of previous Doublers, while Witch Kill (Sanae Hitomi) belongs to a clan of witches. And lastly, Lizard Doubler is a hell executioner armed with a sword and shield.


The new generation of Space Sheriffs. From left to right are Karasuma Shu (Hiroaki Iwanaga) — the new Shaider, Geki Jumonji (Yuma Ishigaki) — Gavan TYPE-G, and Kai Hyouga (Riki Miura) — the new Sharivan. These three will try to put an end to the evil Space Crime Syndicate Makuu. Also included in the cast are Eleena played by Honoka, reprising  his role as Commander Qom is played by Toshiaki Nishizawa lastly Suzuka Morita will be playing as Shelly from Planet Bird who has powers called Laser Vision.

Gavan The Movie premieres on October 20th. 

Texts provided are in partnership with Jefusion.


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