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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Rumors

Please take the rest of the article with a grain of salt until magazines and newspapers officially publish it. So far, rumor has it that we have the names of the rest of the Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, their mechas and their transformation device which is a smartphone (talk about the launch of iPhone 5 XD).

The Kyoryuuger pilots are called as the "Jyuden Genshijyu" 獣電原子獣 (Beast Electric Atom Beasts). The term "Genshijyu" is more referred to ancient animals than dinosaurs (I think we heard this before). Here is the list of names for each team member and supposed vehicles they will be piloting:
  • KyoryuuRed will control the "Jyuden GigaKong" a giant ape type mecha, with rock-like plating
  • KyoryuuBlue will control the "Jyuden Andrewsarchus" a hyena-type mecha
  • KyoryuuGreen will control the "Jyuden Ootsunojika" a deer-type mecha,
  • KyoryuuYellow will control the "Jyuden Shisochou" an archeopteryx-type mecha
  • KyoryuuPink will control the "Jyuden Glyptodon" an armadillo-type mecha
The team's henshin device is a smartphone called the Kyoryuu Smaho. We had a lot of phone themed transformation devices but I am hoping that this will change in the course of developments.

Source: Tokuinsider


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