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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard 1st Impressions

As we welcome the 47 rider in the series here are my thoughts about Kamen Rider Wizard after I have finished the pilot episode last Sunday. Wizard reminds me well of Kamen Rider Kuuga. First is the number of "Styles" that he showcased representing four elements - earth, wind, fire and water. The difference, it took a few episodes for Kuuga to discover other transformations which provides mystery to the whole story while Wizard already had these in possession. Probably, we will get a backstory for these.

It also has been awhile since we had able police working side by side with the hero. I don't consider those two in Kamen Rider W because they acted more than clowns and comic relief rather than part of the force against Phantoms. Moreover, it is the department's duty to fight against Phantoms rather than appearing late in the scene (as in any other movie cliche). I'm also not including Accel in the mix since he is a Kamen Rider too.What we have yet to see is how Detective Rinko will work together with Haruto.

What I do like is that we have a glimpse of one of the Wizard Rings being crafted as opposed to just appearing out of nowhere without explanation. It means the shop will be the Rabbit Hatch for Wizard.

Acting wise, I won't count off Haruto just yet. At first, I don't see much sincerity in his expressions except when he is smiling but that is it. But through body movement, his carefree attitude reminds me again of Kuuga.

CGI effects are getting better through the years but there are a few inconsistencies like when our hero used the small ring and rode on Unicorn. If you look at it closely, you can see the leg slightly embeds on the horse. Another is how shaky Wizard is when he spins around with his sword in Wind Style. Despite these, the "gate" wherein Haruto changes is a great render from my point of view. What you will get used to over the next episodes is the henshin sound.

Story plot - so far so good and easy to understand noting that this is show for kids. Everything was clear on the first few minutes of the episode and you know right away the mannerisms, personalities and how the characters will blend together and I hope that will be consistent throughout the series. If I have one thing to complain is why Haruto have to use his small ring when he can actually teleport using the connect ring.

Maybe it is too soon to say that the show is exciting but it actually is. CGI on the dragon and Plamonsters were crisp, plot is seamless and possibilities are endless. What I am hoping for that each transformation will have a back story and the final rings would not be rushed just like what Fourze did for Switch 38 and 39.


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