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Monday, September 24, 2012

Messiah's Return? Gobusters Episode Guide 32 - 34

So we got a little bit distracted with Gavan's appearance on episode 31-32 of Gobusters. The episodes were nostalgic and epic. After the crossover, we will get back to what happened after Messiah got shutdown. It is not over yet for Vagrass and there is a chance to revive Messiah. Not if Gobusters can stop it. 

Gobusters episode 32: Friendship Tag With Gavan! (9/23) The trio decides to work with Gavan, to defeat Rhino Doubler - a remnant of the Criminal Space Organization Maku. Meanwhile, Rhino Doubler teams up with Enter.

Episode 33: (10/7) An irregular consumption of Enetron occurs. Hiromu and the team heads to the scene where a phenomenon occurs within highschool grounds. Hiromu was stunned to see a Metaroid. 

Episode 34: (10/14) When Messiah was defeated, he was scattered into 12 card pieces. Hiromu is desperately looking for these. During this moment, a Megazord appears and Enter has infiltrated the base.


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