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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Effects Set

The Kamen Rider Fourze effects set is a simple bundle that brings more identity to three forms in the line. Since Base States already has its own Tamashii Stage, what are included in the pack are for FireStates and for ElekStates. There are three arms basically to hold certain effects in the mix.

 One is just an extra to hold BaseStates in the air while the Drill Mode is fitted with a swirl effect. FlameStates has more with a combination of a flame and smoke effect for the Fire Module Hi-HackGun. As you stretch this module into a Fire Extinguisher Mode, a foam effect is plugged on the nozzle to exemplify its ability. ElekStates only has one but can be separated into different styles for the Billy the Rod. First is the Rider Ten Billion Volt Blast attack pose where you insert the Module on the slot at its base. If you split the electric effect in half, the top portion slides through the blade and converts the position into the Rider Ten Billion Volt Shoot effect.

What is great about this Tamashii Nations Special is that most of the effects can be used for other S.H. Figuarts Kamen Riders or even other non-Bandai figures as long as it fits. I believe the effects increases the look and feel of the whole line and continue to be an ingenious part in Bandai’s side. I really recommend getting this set because it has always been fun if you can put your figures up a notch.



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