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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Toy Review: Super Robot Chogokin Gokai Oh

From the time I was able to review the Super Robot Chogokin DekaRobo, I was super impressed I have to get the rest of the line. My money landed next on Gokai Oh. It has been awhile since the show ended last February and most of us still remembers how great the show was for kids of all ages. Here is the review.

What great about the SRC Gokai OH is that, first of all, poseable than the DX counterpart. Paint applications highlight every detail on this robot. The only parts that are die-cast are the legs and that small tab on the abdominal and when it moves, it floats and hides inside the torso. Jiggling it brings it back. What I don't like is how the hands are angled and pushed inwards. This way, it is hard to pose with the Deka pistols from the DekaRobo.

The "wings" on the helmet moves through the hinges, but I believe that this is unnecessary. The dial at the back turns just like the DX version probably to enhance the who SRC experience.

Inclusive are two swords (one with a hand guard) and if not in use, you can always snap those on GokaiOh's waist. In addition are the Starburst parts and your set should include the effects set for the swords, lastly are some extra hands and a Tamashii Stage adapter plugged on his back. The effects for the swords bring a nice touch but the armaments becomes heavy and if what your purchased has loose shoulders, this would really pose a problem. Check out the video below for more info.



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