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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yoshizawa Ryo's Photo Book Launched

Last September 22nd, Yoshizawa Ryo who played as Sakuta Ryusei/Kamen Rider Meteor launched his new photo book entitled: "Hajimari", though a handshake event. 

Yoshizawa said during the event, "I graduated high school, and Fourze ended, so this is a turning point in my life. Since this is a new start, I titled it 'Hajimari'". 

The photo book is a compilation from a 3-day shoot in Tokyo. Yoshizawa was happy on the outcome, "I like how it turned out. You’re able to see my bare expressions that I don’t show in other magazines. I give it 100 points!". He continued, “When my manager was done looking through the photo book, she told me, ‘Ah! I want to confess my feelings!’. I was able to thrill her!”

Source: TV Asahi via Tokyohive


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