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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gavan Web Manga Up, New Novels To Be Released

After the release yesterday of the 1st episode of the Space Sheriff Gavan web manga by Akita Shoten, two novels will be released this October. These two novels tell two different stories of the 1st Gavan and Gavan Type-G.

The first book is entitled" "Space Sheriff Gavan The Novel" that narrates new adventures of Retsu Ichijoji and a mysterious character named Julia. According to the synopsis, another criminal organization - Metos appears and hijacks the Dolgiran. With the spacecraft taken, how will Retsu Ichijoji change into Gavan? 

The other novel is entitled: "Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G The Beginning". The book tells about Geki Jumonji and Sherry's first mission together to retrieve a sensitive data from a crash-landed spaceship. The book will also reveal on how Geki became Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G. 

Space Sheriff Gavan The Novel is priced at 1,050 Yen and Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G The Beginning at 2,500 Yen. These novels will be released on October 19 and 20 respectively in line with the premier of Space Sheriff Gavan The Movie.


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