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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gobuster Episode 35-36 Summaries

TategamiRaiOh will mark its debut on Mission 35 of Tokumei Sentai Gobusters. However, in order for the team to acquire the new Gobuster machine, they have to defeat it first. Next, our BuddyRoids will go on strike!

Episode 35: TategamiRaiOh, Hoeru! (TategamiRaiOh, Roar!) 10/21 TategamiRaiOh ](voiced by Ichiro Mizuki) appears and wants to challenge our team to a fight. During Gobuster's investigation, they end up finding Hazuki Mika (played by Oho Sayoko), the daughter of daughter of one Professor Hazuki Saburo. Mika says, "My father made TategamiRaiOh in order to defeat you!". Megazord Epsilon will be appear again in this episode. 

Episode 36: GoBusterRaiOh Gakiin! (10/28) The Buddyroids go on strike and requests a better treatment. This will jeopardize the use of the Powered Custom. What will Gobusters do in this situation? Go-BusterRaiOh will appear in this episode so as BulldozerRoid and BulldozerZord. 

Source: CA3 via Rangercrew


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