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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kamen Rider Beast Revealed! More Toys Coming Soon

According to the latest magazine scans the 2nd rider in the Kamen Rider Wizard series will be called Kamen Rider Beast 仮面ライダービースト. It is also been rumored that Kamen Rider Beast will make a small cameo in the movie Ultimatum slated this December.

As of this post, the Chimera-themed rider will transform using the Beast Driver and Beast Color. The transformation trigger opens the buckle. The DX set that comes with a ring. The ring however, comes with three pieces. His weapon is called the Dice Saber and its DX version will include 2 rings. The sword will be activated once a ring is inserted in the slot. 

More Wizard rings will be introduced which are the Land Dragon Ring from Land Style. From the Kamen Rider Movie Wars ULTIMATUM are Five, Time, and Fourze Rings. Other wizard ring toy upcoming release is Wizard Ring Set 04 that comes with Excite, Dress up Rings and a Ganbaride card. 

These are are the new PlaMonsters: Black Cerberus , Green Griffin, and Purple Golem. Green Griffin's wings move up and down. 

Other WAP! (Wizard Action Please) figures:
  • WAP! Flame Wizard Dragon Rider 
  • WAP! Wizard Water Dragon Rider 
  • WAP! Hurricane Wizard Dragon Rider 

Kamen Rider Beast will also debut in WAP! toy line: Kamen Rider Beast and Beast Chimaera. The complete Chimaera Beast is formed from Falcon (orange), Chameleon (green), Dolphin (blue) and Buffalo (red). 

Source: Jefusion


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