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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo

Here is the review of the S.I.C. Vol. 64 Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo.  I was excited when I first saw the magazine scans of the Vol. 64 version of Kamen Rider OOO not because I like the show but I'm always curious on how Bandai will take another way of recreating OOO in an artist's perspective.

The box has a huge ring with the title of the volume and the name of the rider. Both side panels have the printed Taka, Tora and Batta medals but one set is on a translucent texture allowing to see the figure from the side. Overall the box is illuminating. 

OOO includes 7 hands, 3 core and 3 cell medals, a very sculpted claws and grasshopper legs and 1 Medaljalibur. The claws are on a balljoint so it easy to keep these claws or have them split apart. I'm not happy on how the thumbs arched, I'd prefer these stretched. Grasshopper legs truly adds stability. From the mold, it reminds me how Uva's legs look like.

This is a nicely articulated figure and there are changes on the joints since the 3rd wave of SICs Even if S.I.C. OOO is aesthetically pleasing, it is as the same time a messy convergence of parts which will lead to joint breakage. During the course of this review (I am really careful of my figures), I have already broken one shoulder pad on its loop. It is typical in S.I.C. that the joints are lubricated with oil hoping that they will peg off easily to replace with swappable parts. But on this figure, the oil is carelessly placed which spills on the paint and plastic and leads to horrible discoloration.

There are other  pros and cons I saw on this figure to check out the video for more.



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