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Friday, October 5, 2012

Toy Review: Super Robot Chogokin Daizyujin

We Need Dinozord Power, Now! (Cue intro). This is a review of the Super Robot Chogokin (SRC) Daizyujin from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' first Megazord. 

When I was younger, I've watched other dubbed sentai shows such as Jetman, Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger and GoGo V. It was the time when cable TV nor the internet was available so I rely much on the overreacting voice dubs. I lost the next few sentai series till Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came along. This is why Daizyujin aka Megazord in MMPR is also memorable to me.

 In this set, Daizyujin has about 4 hands, two effects parts for his forehead and for the Dinosaur Sword Godhorn and a Mammoth Shield. The video below will let you know how to use these on Daizyujin. The video below will also show you some of the new joints that are not found on the previous SRC releases. 

I have one complaint which is the leg articulation that is somewhat hindered from doing splits and other dynamic poses seen with previous SRC releases. Despite that, Daizyujin is a collector's item for those who were brought up watching MMPR and Super Sentai in the assumption that it has more articulation than the DX version.


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