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Friday, November 23, 2012

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Vergil (Devil May Cry 3)

Devil May Cry fans have been waiting for this to arrive in Play Arts Kai. This is a review of the Play Arts Kai Vergil from Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. The box design feels like it is a special edition with a flap cover to narrate a bit about the game and the character. With the exception of FF bikes, this is the widest box so far. I could have wished it have more illustrations in front because it really feels bare.

For some weird reason, the 2 holding hands were molded into like trigger hands. But it works when the figure holds both weapons. Just like any figure using these materials, the fingers have to be bended slightly to accommodate the other accessories. It is equally easy to bend these back to hold the swords tighter. 

Other accessories include the  Force Edge and the Yamato. The Yamato is a simple looking Saya and Katana combination but the execution is flawless. The scabbard has an embossed detail on the base and finished with a soft rubbery yellow ribbon. It's Katana is also made from soft plastic material but these are not easily warped. If it happens, straightening it out is a breeze. Again it looks plain but I bet you'll be using these more than the other sword - Force Edge.

The Force Edge quite resembles the Rebellion because of its size and skull head on the Pommel. Force Edge's rain guard is shaped like a bat's wing or the letter W. 

I saw on my Youtube channel initial comments on the figure because the balljointed shoulders look like they are separated from its torso. For me, yes I agree that it looks that way but when you bend these for different hack and slash poses, it is way better than Nero or the DMC4 Dante. I'm slightly disappointed on the head sculpt because of this sharp chin and his boy band-ish feel.What I really like are the slits on the bottom of the coat which have embedded wired pieces and let these float. 

Overall, this is a  beautifully crafted figure for DMC fans. He just looks amazing, amazing, amazing. A true collector's item.




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