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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jealoushitto, Megazord Omega To Appear In Gobusters Vs Gokgaiger Film

The lastest Hyper Hobby magazine issue has printed additional information on the upcoming mash-up movie Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs Gokaigers. We will have clearer view what happened to both teams and you'll be surprised to know that a former villain will now become an ally.

What was left of the Zangyack Empire are seeking for so called Phantom Ranger Keys (幻のレンジャーキー) that unlocks the mightiest power in the universe. "Final Key" in completing this power is located on is on Earth.

This last and final key is known to be hiding near an Enetron tank. Go-Busters must now face the the might of Zangyack, Enter and the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. As reported previously, Gokaigers return to Earth on a Black GokaiGalleon with the Zangyack's emblem printed on its sail. All 5 Phantom Keys are reunited and it causes the Enteron to explode. Now the keys are again separated and so are our heroes. (It seems like the keys have sent back in the past at this moment). Yoko, Gorisaki, J, Joe, Luka, Hakase, Ahim and Gai were also sent in the past.

So where are they? Yoko, J, and Gai are in Edo Period, year 1772. Here they meet a familiar face, Jealoushitto a former Gokaiger villain now on the side of good. J and Gai cook up some idea how to get back to the present. On the other hand, Gorisaki floats back to the Cretaceous Period!

Don and Ahim are in France circa 1600. Here they disguised themselves as Nobleman and Princess. In this time period, they meet a Phantom Thief who later on revealed that this is none other than Jin Masato!

Joe, Luka and Ryuuji are in the Mediterranean, in the year 1400, which is also known as the Age of Exploration.

Those who are left in the present are using GozyuDrill's time-traveling program to upgrade the BusterMachines via the Buddyroids' Vaccine Programs. This enables the Buster Machines the ability to time travel and rescue the friends!

Throughout the quest, Gokaiger's reason behind working with the Zangyack empire will be revealed. But there will be a sacrifice required from the Gobusters. It might be revealed as well the kind of power that can be wielded when Phantom Keys join together. What would that be?

Here is a list of personalities appearing on the film:

Bacchus Gil - Warz Gil's nephew and now a Zangyack Commander. A heavy drinker and has a lively personality. He leads and teams up with Vaglass to find the Phantom Keys.

Action Commander Waredonaiyer - is part of Zangyack. He seems to be related to Deretsueiger, who the Gokaiger had already defeated.

Jealoushitto - a former Action Commander and have encountered Gokaigers before. Now has turned his back against the Empire to be good. 

Kaoru Shiba aka the female ShinkenRed - she presents a sacred scroll to Gobusters. What does it contain?

 Basco ta Jolokia is Marvelous' former-ally-turned-villain whom he defeated near the end of the series. Along with Damaras, he has been brought back somehow by Enter.

Enter will piloting a new Megazord - Omega. It is considered as the "best-of-the best" and has a fighting power that surpasses any Megazord!


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