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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Toy Review: D-Arts Terry Bogard (King Of Fighters '94)

This is my review of the D-Arts Terry Bogard from King Of Fighters '94 (even though he started in Fatal Fury).  It is a first for Bandai to delve in to the gaming genre and what a way to start is with KOF. The package design may be like what Bandai used to do with most of their offerings, a photo of the toy in front then accessory and poseability details at the back. To stay true for fans of the gaming genre, it is nostalgic to have the sequences and joystick combinations on each of the figure's signature poses.

He has about 7 hands (one holding the duffel bag) and 3 effects parts for his signature moves namely: Power Wave, Power Geyser and Burn Knuckle. No effects for Crack Shot and Rising Tackle.  (I don't think it is needed anyway). Effects and the plastic molds are actually not new to Bandai since these have been included in S.H. Figuarts lately and also its quaint but well received UltraActs. What is best is that you can use some of the effects on other figures with a similar scale whether it is made from Bandai or other toy line. He is also inclusive of a support to plug in a D-arts stage. If you don't have one, then a Tamashii Stand will do.

I've blogged about Bandai harping on the evolution of D-Arts (I thought that S.H. Figuarts line will be ending soon) but I believe I set too much expectation on this figure. He is still okay but not as par as what Bandai has been publicizing on the interwebs.  

So how come? On my recent report, Bandai gave us a picture and promise that D-Arts will be better, full range of motion and the most organic articulation ever seen. Sadly, there are hindrances especially on the waist and ab articulation. 

Despite those complaints, the paint applications used are well done. Darker shade of flesh colors highlight the figure's muscular tone and if based from the game, I am sure that these are spot on. With the exception of course of the shouting head sculpt that looks very derpy to me. The smirking head really sets the right tone for most of his action poses. 

Overall, try to lower your expectations when getting your own D-Arts Terry Bogard and don't despair. There will be further improvements (I hope) on the next set of KOF releases. I say he is an okay figure with just small nuisances on the side. Every first release has flaws. 


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