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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Toy Review: Revoltech Sanada Yukimura (Sengoku Basara)

This is a review of Revoltech's Sanada Yukimura from the anime and game Sengoku Basara. Well Sanada Yukimura is based on a historic person and then given another life through the game and the anime series. Let's check out the Crimson Demon of War. 

Accessories include an additional face replacement. Sadly, the eyes are panned on one side so you can't much on the other. He has one pair of holding hands for the spear, a staple effects part, orange case, a 10 Revoltech chip and the signature Revoltech stand. 

 What is a delight are the 2 shafts that you can plug 2 chromed cross spears on top. Should you want a massive weapon there is a similar Bo which you can attach these spears on different ends. 

Just like most of my game/anime based Revoltechs, his body is curved and hunched. It may look weird on a plain standing position but on fighting poses, he is more dynamic than most of my S.H. Figuarts. 

There are two parts on the head for the bandana extension and for his rat tail to generate that wind effect on the figure. Both are on balljoints which means it can sway from left to right. 

Articulation, he is absolutely amazing, this is the strength of Revoltechs. You can always bring the legs and arms in the most imaginative way possible. I'm super pleased with this figure and you should as well. More to this from the video below.



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