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Friday, January 25, 2013

New Tokusatsu Series: Fire Leon

Bushiroad, the company behind the anime Cardfight!! Vanguard and  producer of collectible card games and trading cards such as ChaosTCG, Jewelpet Trading Card Game and King of Pro-Wrestling, will be producing a live action show entitled Fire Leon. The motif will wrap around pro wrestling. 

Fire Leon is touted to represent Local Heroes produced in various cities in Japan. Local Heroes are Japanese fictional characters created by various groups or even some departments of the local government to advocate or promote their region. These characters perform in special martial arts stage shows and patterned after famous Japanese tokusatsu superheroes. With this, there will be guest appearances from these Local Heroes as well as members of  New Japan Pro-Wrestling Federation.

From L-R: Fire Leon, Ryujin Mabuyar and Chojin Naider

Our main hero, Fire Leon is created from the likeness of two local heroes namely Chojin Naider (超神ネイガー Chōjin Neigā or "Super-God Neiger" form Akita Prefecture ) and  Ryujin Mabuyar (琉神マブヤー Ryūjin Mabuyā: a local hero from Okinawa Prefecture). Bushiroad has also expressed producing a card game based on Local Heroes.

Also gracing the event was pro-wrestler Kazuchika Okada (second from left). Fire Leon is poised to air this April. 


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