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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toy Review: Mecha Nations 01 Transformers Optimus Prime

Kids Logic first Mecha Nations Transformers figure is no other than Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. Metallic acrylic paint that was applied is similar to the company’s Egg Attack series. Similar to Egg Attack, Optimus Prime uses a super deformed treatment but this time, the company has the license to include at least 22 articulation points. Wheels can turn, even if the figure doesn't transform into convoy mode.

Other parts included in the set are 3 hands, his Energon Axe, a plastic replica of the Matrix of Leadership and the Ion Cannon. Another add on is his own stage with an arm for support. The platform is covered with metallic paint coating with a subtle scrape treatment giving that premium finish. Removing the hands reveal a polycap-looking ball joint allowing wrist movement and attaching his Energon Axe. You can attach the Matrix inside the chest compartment but will not allow the windows to close while this is attached on the figure.

The main gimmick aside from the articulation in this 6-inch figure are the 14 bright LED lights, with switches located at the back of the head and torso, left elbow, under the feet and also by pressing the Autobot logo on the left side of the arm. The Ion Cannon also has an LED light making the entire figure shine bright under a dim environment.

Maybe I am asking too much from Kids Logic but the joints on the arms are too tight. Which means it is hard to determine how far the joints can fold. It is also a stretch to pair up both legs to balance. Good thing that the figure has a heel and toe joint but still takes a certain amount of time to get it right. What would really fascinate collectors are the LED lights in 14 sections of the body. The lights also shines through the Matrix making the entire set more than meets the eye. More to this from the video review below.


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