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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce First Morph!

Earth’s defenders, NEVER SURRENDER! That is this year's 20th anniversary Power Rangers Megaforce call. Thanks to RangerCrew, we have a quick peak on the Megaforce's first morph. Check out the video after the jump. 

Power Rangers Megaforce will start airing on February 2nd, at 1 p.m/12c on Nickelodeon. Megaforce features Gosei and his robot aide Tensou calling upon 5 teens to fighter against evil aliens collectively known as Warstar.

Playing the titular roles of Megaforce rangers are Ciara Hanna playing as Gia (Yellow); Christina Masterson playing as Emma (Pink); Andrew Gray playing as Troy (Red); John Mark Loudermilk playing as Noah, (Blue) and Azim Rizk playing as Jake (Black. Robo Knight will be revealed soon at the course of the season.


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