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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toei Hero Next "Love Gear" Plot Posted

Toei Hero Next's Love Gear will star Gokaiger's Junya Ikeda (GokaiSilver) and  Ryota Ozawa (Marvelous). Toei recently posted the synopsis of the story on the official website of Love Gear. 

Graduate student Yuichi (Ryota Ozawa) lost his parents in an accident.  Leading a life of depression, he thinks that matters can’t get any worse. One night Yuichi saves a girl who recklessly moves in front of a speeding vehicle. The girl’s name is Risa (Tomoka Kurosawa). She doesn’t tell Yuichi why she is trying to commit suicide but Yuichi finds himself drawn to her personally which somewhat reflects his own. 

Despite the whirlwind craziness, Yuichi investigates the death of his parents on his own since he doesn’t trust the information coming from the police and their Detective Sone (Ken Mitsuishi).  Yuichi reunites with his childhood friend Takuma (Junya Ikeda). During the course, Yuichi discovers an unbelievable truth about his own birth. As the wheels of his fate begin to turn, the secret behind Risa’s birth and the shocking truth cause him to fall into further despair.

The detective who saves his life, a bestfriend in irks with the government. The lover Risa. In a life born with lies and deceit, what kind of “revolution” will Yuichi take?
The movie is set for a February 9, 2013 release


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