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Friday, January 25, 2013

Toy Review: D-Arts Rockman (Classic)

This is a review of the classic blue bomber D-Arts Rockman - a homage to the 1990s version game classic from Capcom. I would coin this as Rockman 3 just because Rush is included who debuted on said version of the game. As a kid, I almost finished every single Rockman game in the Nintendo Family Computer system before SNES was later introduced in the market.  I would play for hours and ask friends on the patterns for boss fights. This is the reason why I only picked up this version among previous Megaman/Rockman D-arts releases.

Rockman is inclusive of two side characters, Rush and the recurring henchman, Met. Met is a very simple representation of the in-game character, it shares the utmost detail and somewhat having an anime-ish feel to it. Its hard hat can can be removed so that you can replicate that part in game where it hides to avoid being blasted by Rockman.

Rush on the other hand has more features like poseable joints on the legs, feet, head and even his tail. This figure doesn't transform into different modes seen in the game but it has all what you need from a figure.

Aside from the above mentioned, Rockman comes with 3 extra hands, an extra arm to replace the default Mega/Rock Buster and another cannon for his right arm. Lastly are two extra face to add emotion to his other shooting or fighting stances. To complete the feel is an shooting effects part similiar to the D-Arts Megaman X. Looks great right? Not quite.

What I am stumbling upon is the same feel I had with D-Arts' Terry Bogard. Probably something even worse. First, the legs squeak at every swivel and turn that I make. Second, fails to do ab works. Third, which should NOT be seen in any Bandai figures to date,  are cuts in between the thighs and on the arms signifying where the manufacturer have taken from a plastic template, much like your Gunpla.

Again, it doesn't live up the hype from the promotions and leaflets that Bandai has been spreading around. I felt cheated in the sense that it (with the exception or Met and Rush) is not that far than actually building a model kit from Kotobukiya. I might have more fun with the latter since I love building model kits. 





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