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Monday, January 7, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Power Dizer (Dizer Mode)

This is a review of the S.H. Figuarts Power Dizer in Dizer Mode. Straight up, there are no accessories for this figure and to make it short, this is one very pretty Dizer. S.H. FiguArts Power Dizer represents Fourze's ally mecha that could transform into a launch pad. However, unlike its DX counterpart, this figure doesn't change into a launcher or its vehicle mode. As of the moment, there is only one S.H. Figuarts figure that transform which is the Machine Itashar. So don't get your hopes up that it does just the same. 

S.H. FiguArts Power Dizer stands 250mm tall almost twice as tall as your S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Base States and probably one of the biggest Tamashii Nations releases. It was released as a Tamashii Web Exclusive figure.

Here are some details photo reviews won't tell you. Unlike Machine Itashar, the Power Dizer is made from plastic without any hint of die cast parts. Even with that in mind, there are some parts that are covered in silver paint creating that almost chromed look. The yellow paint in most of the areas are already molded together which lessens the issue of the paint flaking of. This means, this figure will have a more lasting shelf life. 

Power Dizer is leaner than its DX make with more joint areas which makes the figure more poseable. All the wheels work except the hands. The hands open and sturdy enough to hold other Figuarts in mid air. Speaking of sturdy, with the right angle, the Power Dizer can also stand on one leg without further issue. If there is one you need to worry about are the ratchet knee joints that I feel will give in as these are not as strong as the Machine Itashar.

Overall, if you are looking for accuracy, please do get your won S.H. Figuarts Power Dizer in Dizer Mode even through it will not hold your S.H. Figuarts Mashine Massigler nor transform in other modes. But if you are on a budget, DX Power Dizer will do just fine. Besides, in half the price, the DX already includes the Machine Massigler Check out the video review below for more details.




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