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Monday, January 7, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Yellow Buster and Usada Lettuce

Here is a review of the S.H. Figuarts two-pack Yellow Buster and Usada Lettuce. And because it is a two-pack, the box is quite thicker and comparable to the S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Eternal Red Flare. The layout hasn't changed that much of Red Buster and of course the naming convention has been replaced accordingly to suit Yellow Buster.

Basically, she has 8 swappable hands, the Ichigan Buster, Sougan Blade, the Ichigan Buster Special Buster Mode and (what it feels like a bonus) - Usada. 
Usada Lettuce can be summed up in one word, charming. Underneath are 6 wheels and roll quite nicely and feels well balanced even the his two arms are up. The wheels on the arms do not exactly plant on the surface that well. Think of these as sort of training wheels for his main base.

His ears are in ball joints but somewhat limited in moving them sideways. At first, I thought his head is fixed but I believe it was the paint application that locked his neck articulation. Once you have figured it out, you can turn the head around. The rabbit feature continues on when look at the back of the figure. This time, the features look sharper. 

I like how the gauge sticker features take the place of his eyes and that console right between the eyes. This is the first time I've seen Bandai used stickers on the face. Though the gauges on the eyes could have used translucent plastic instead, stickers applied still works just fine. Oh yeah, the mustard metallic paint application is spot on.

Now what about Yoko? Just like Red Buster, YellowBuster is about a mix of both old and new design of female Sentai Figures. One part that has been improved in my opinion is the asymmetrical skirt. Although it looks too big for YellowBuster, at least Bandai didn't provide other optional skirt parts. This is what I was harping all along. 

On the TV show, YellowBuster is wearing a leather suit than spandex, you won't see those female attributes (yes I am talking about the chest). When converted into S.H. Figuarts form, those knockers are not as obvious as previous female sentai releases. This is not one of my issues anyway.

My concern are more on the shoulders as these feel too low on the torso. And (probably a QC issue), the Transpod falls off quite often. This can be fixed with glue anyways. What is terribly hard to do is using those replacement hands. After inspection, the holes seemed to be smaller than the default hands. I have managed to modify this by cutting a very small groove (more like chipping) inside to give way to the wrist pegs.

Articulation is slightly more manageable than Red Buster with better ab movement. 

Conclusion. Though the set feels better and has a few merits than RedBuster, it is only with Usada I was 100% happy with. Yellow Buster seems plain but there are some body parts that seemed out of sync. Overall, the set is ok, but there are areas that need to improve if Bandai still wants to harp on the Super Sentai figures in the S.H. Figuarts line.


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