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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Vasco and Sally

Here is a written review of the S.H. Figuarts Vasco and Sally, the villainous pair from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Vasco (or Basco) ta Jolokia's name was formed from 3 words namely the Portuguese traveler Vasco da Gama, TAbasco and Bhut JOLOKIA chili pepper (does that mean he is a Hot and Spicy Explorer? lol). 

There are many a collector scratching their heads why Bandai used Vasco instead of Basco. It is also understood by those who have watched the series that his Japanese name was romanticized  as Basco hence the "B" place on his insignia. While the origin is pulled out of the historical Portuguese explorer, Bandai continued on with the name Vasco. 

Sally is the Figuarts Zero between the two which mean she has no articulation points but she has a necklace that needs to put on. What more can I say about Sally is that the mold is quite okay. IMO, I could picture Sally with a darker shade on the face. No disregard to child safety (with a smile) is her pointy armor surrounding her body.

Vasco on the other hand, makes up with 10 interchangeable hands, his own Mobirate, the CariBlade (カリブレード) and the CariBlaster (カリブラスター), and finally a ranger key summoning trumpet-like device called the Rapparatta. The phone does open and folds but it will not fully close. I suggest not to force anything as it might break in half. Still,I like his phone better than Mobirates. I wonder why Bandai didn't make a DX version.

Articulation is limited on Vasco. Mainly because of the fur accents on his collar and behind the legs. Sculpt is something you would expect from Bandai or from the Tamashii Nations/S.H. Figuarts group. Very intricate and well thought of. As a summary, I do like the overall skull-themed look for Vasco but I am slightly disappointed on the limited ways to work around the joints. I am also glad that Bandai went through creating the monster form instead of his more recurring human form since, in my experience, is not Bandai's strongest asset. More from the video review below.



Azure Flame Kite said...

Man, your blog is absolutely awesome!!!
Your reviews are very interesting and highly detailed. Keep up the great work! Congrats!
I bought this recently Vasco! I hope it arrives soon!
But my mainline collection is S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider figures. I saw that you have several reviews of kamen rider too! I look forward your next reviews!
Till next time!

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