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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Tajadol Combo

TAJADORUUUU!. Kamen Rider OOO Tajadol Combo returns, now for the S.I.C. line. I'm waiting for this to arrive because I wanted Bandai to redeem from their S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba that looked great but with so many irks on its execution. Primarily (and what most Tatoba owners experienced) the falling and easily broken pieces.

The set includes its own S.I.C. stand, 5 hands, 3 Cell Medals, 7 Core Medals and 1 broken  medal. Each medal can be fitted inside the TaJa Spinner. These won't fall off as long as the lid is closed. I just wished the the TaJa Spinner had a hinge for the cover, but this still works for me. There are also extra Tajadol translucent chest pieces primarily for the combo changes. 

What is appealing to see are the wings that can be inserted by removing the disc at the back of the figure. Each wing has its own joint that can swivel in many directions. The order is from the biggest pair on top to the smallest. I had some issue on keeping the wings on the pegs, some of these just slide off. Tajadoru becomes top heavy with the wings on hence the inclusion of the S.I.C. stage.

The condor legs move similarly to Tatoba's Batta legs. Each talon has its own joint. Because of the size, having these on the figure feels steady and sturdy enough to hold Tajadoru in place. This is one of my favorite forms and it Bandai has done a great job in transitioning the costume design in S.I.C. form. Die-cast parts? Nada.  I guess die-cast  parts won't return any time soon in the S.I.C. OOO line as the figure line somehow needs to keep it as organic as possible for OOO.  Other staple gimmicks hailing from Tatoba are the Medal Holder to store the medals, OOO Scanner and the OOO Driver. Definitely better than Tatoba. More to this from the video review below.




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