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Thursday, February 14, 2013

RIO:bone Shaman King Yoh Asakura & Koubaku Style O.S. Byakkou

I may have not completed watching the series but at least I left at the height of the story enough to tell you what this is. Yoh is fashioning his 2nd battle outfit, a vest and baggy pants highlighted with orange trims at the edge of the seams.

He isn’t Yoh without his signature leather headphones on his head. Most of the time, it serves as a headband for his long but spikey hair. Sentinel Rio:Bone figure’s sculpt on the hero is surprisingly almost show accurate with fine lines and curves not to mention, its paint applications.

My only nitpick are on the eyes, as I really remember that Yoh is somewhat brown-eyed instead of beady orange orbs. The might he carries include the Harusame, a katana with a hilt wrapped in red cloth and a scabbard molded charcoal-black.

Another is the bloody red stone sword Futsuno mitama no tsurugi, an heirloom that is with the Asakura Family for generations. It is cumbersome sometimes to have these on Yoh without a pocket that can holster on. Other accessories include 3 kinds of face to provide life-like expressions and two open splayed hands and another pair of holding hands for the swords .  The face is replaced with a similar fashion as D-arts wherein the hair comes off first.

What's Yoh without Amidamaru. Well in a form of a very dainty spirit ball or in Shaman King lingo, in Hitodama mode. In this form, the paint applications is a mix shade of yellow to give that more glowing effect. To add are two tiny katanas holsted on.

I'm really surprised on the inclusion of the stage with the actual platform form from tiled plastic elevated on a black base. This makes the figure look like it is on a pedestal, a nice creation to highlight the figure against others.The most impressive of all is the O.S. Spirit of Sword: Byakko or White Swan. This armor is like an extension of Yoh's arms having a bigger sword one side and an extension of the Futsuno on the other.  The sword has a hidden peg that insert within the claws while the other blue panel is held by two magnets. To put this on Yoh, a peg must be removed on his back to place Byakko.

I'm not familiar with Sentinel or the Rio:Bone series but this representation of Yoh is almost perfect. I'm not expecting such a superb job by Sentinel especially the quality that can rival more known toy manufacturers to date. Super glad they Sentinel took up the project in creating this figure can something that say...my love and hate relationship with Bandai can learn a thing or two. I have just two things that are slightly a miss, one it could have another stand so that Amidamaru and Yoh can be side by side and two the color of the eyes that makes Yoh a less anime-ish again that's all. This is one fantastic figure to have for all Shaman King fans.






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