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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Toy Review: Nendoroid The Amazing Spiderman

The Nendoroid Spiderman is true to its form with its mesh and embossed spandex suit. More to it is the equally meshed eyes coved by a yellow-ish transluscent hard plastic. You can absolutely feel the texture of the suit down to the fissure between the over laced webbing.

Inside the set are two pairs of hands. The first is a pre-shoot webbing pose ready to lick a new wall while the other pair already has that shooting action. Exchanging these parts are easy to remove but because of his small frame and the big head, it is difficult to work around these accessories and find right that Spidey action pose. 

With this, Good Smile Company has a solution and brought in two kinds of stages. First is the city scape stage formed on a certain perspective. It comes is pieces and needs some easy assembling. Two arms are included to either provide that option on how long or high the web crawler must be on this platform. 

All you need is to plug Spidey just at his emblem while the other is at the back of the stage. Another will give you a bit of a thrill. It is suction cup that you often seen in bathrooms or hanging wobblers in stores. There are two conjunctions to this piece and now it allows you to actually stick Spiderman anywhere. 

Overall, call me shallow but I really do like the addition of the suction cup for the whole set. Which means I can bring Spiderman anywhere, anytime – on my car’s dashboard or just hanging around on the office PC monitor. On the upside, it is a chick magnet too, as many are curious as adores Spiderman in this pint-sized form.



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