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Friday, February 22, 2013

Toy Review: DX WizarDriver Belt

The DX Wizard Driver is made from hard plastic highlighted with both matte paint and plated gold and silver trims. This time, the on and off switch is located at the bottom of the toy and the speaker is located on top hidden by a wizard symbol. At the back there are additional designs if you care about such. There are a few accessories to complete the experience. 

First we have the Flame Ring with a goggle cover that goes up and down, a Water Ring that does the same thing and a Kick Strike ring for Wizard final kick attack. The loops on the rings are in kids size about 15mm in diameter so you need to invest on adult sizes about 17-20 mm big in order to wear these without choking your finger. 

Last of course are the belt straps with simpler double-locking mechanisms. These have some guards molded in so that these will lessen the probability of accidentally pressing thus falling off your waist. The belt keeper looks like your average belt holder but this has a gem design to it. 

On the belt are two switches to work on Wizard’s magic. Just take note that the when the fingers point to your right, it is for the different transformation while the opposite side is for the special magic. Check out the video below to know how each ring sounds like.

While the DX WizardDriver looks great, note that the plating and the dark plastic hand are finger print magnets and you might clean these occasionally or invest on some type of screen protector. Also you need to take care of the plating as these scratch easily on any rough surface or if exposed to extreme room temperatures. Moreover, the limitation is on the driver itself because the sounds are imbedded on the toy and not on the rings (i.e. memories on the W Driver).



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