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Monday, February 4, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts DekaGreen

This is my review of the S.H. Figuarts DekaGreen, the 3rd installment on the Dekaranger/Power Rangers SPD line. DekaGreen's sculpting does not only follow other Dekaranger releases but somewhat an engineering copy from the Shinkenger line.  

The number 3 and the SPD chest plate are embossed on top of the sleek green paint applications. On the side of his helmet have mounted red transluscent plastic to mimic the flashy lights seen during roll calls. Let's check out the accessories he is inclusive with.  The SP license continues to employ the same gimmick, with the cover that flips. Again, Bandai can add more detail by actually including the SPD crest. Since there’s none, I’ll let you guys with skilled hands fill in this gap. 

Two kinds of the D-Rods are included, one to holster on the figure and the other for all out action poses. Just like DekaBlue, Dekagreen has the D-Knuckle that fit quite well on the holding hand.Although you cannot mount the D-Rod and D-knuckle together, you get a separate sculpted D-blaster equally placed with solid and crisp green paint apps just like the other weaponized accessories. 

There are 11 hands included in this Tamashii Web Exclusive mainly to either be used for roll call positions or to hold the armaments included in the set. His three holsters do clip on the belt firmly and there are no click grooves to actually snap the weapons in place, usually gravity takes charge in this scenario. And with the holsters, the only flaw is that they are in the way of the leg articulation.

 If you are a huge DekaRanger or a Power Rangers SPD fan, this is a figure that you can consider taking on. As for flaws, well, if you have swallowed imperfections from Red and Blue, definitely you can forgive what DekaGreen has to offer. From what I can see, the set is not too shabby. With the S.H. Figuarts Dekagreen, you are almost there in creating your 5 man super police team come into fruition. 





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