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Monday, February 4, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Genocider

By the end of 2012 and early 2013, we seen the most expensive S.H. Figuarts ever released by Bandai. It really took a toll on most avid collectors such as myself to acquire each and every figure. Worst feeling of all is that these "exclusives" are the ones that are must-get figures. Just like this, the S.H. Figuarts Genocider. 

Just like Machine Itashar and the Power Dizer, the packaging is huge but this Genocider has the best box design among the three. S.H. Figuarts Genocider which comprises of three contract monsters from Raia, Ouja and Gai namely: EvilDiver, Venosnaker, Metalgelas. The set is inclusive of 3 Tamashii Stages for the 3 Kamen Riders, 3 Advent Cards, braces to hold the figures on the stages and a chest part for the Genocider's Final Vent. 

Let's weigh each of the contract monsters. MetalGelas towers about more or less 10 inches in height. Similar to Tiger's claws, the fingers have their own individual ball joints. Akin to its figure line, MetalGelas has all the the articulation joints you need to move on and play with Gai. The only thing it lacks is a waist joint, this option was taken out since its upper torso is needed to form the base of Genocider. A noticeable and impressive joint is on the neck, but again this is due to the Genocider formation. Using the Tamashii Stage, a brace is included to hold the figure into place. But even without it, the huge legs molds are enough to sustain balance even in Genocider form. I'm not sure why but the hollow casing reminds me of my old BattleCat (He-Man) action figure from the 90s.

Next is Raia's EvilDiver.  The EvilDiver has a longer version of Raia whip that can be detached form the torso. Speaking of which, the thorny tail is quite irritating to work with the figure as it falls off quite easily. A quick solution is to either punch a deeper slot or wrap a small piece of paper on the peg for added security. This also has an extra brace to hold the figure in mid air and a stand to hold Raia on its back. Quite ingenious if I say so myself. One downside though, you actually need more than one arm should the other becomes loose. 

Last is the VenoSnaker. The VenoSnaker will remind you of the Draggredder (that is if you have SHF Ryuki) because the the partitions and segment to enable a slithering movement on the figure. Its tail is longer version of Ouja's sword. Moreover it shares the same peg complications as EvilDiver. Knowing Ouja fans, this is going to be a popular figure. 

I'd say yes, if you can, get this set. I appreciate how Bandai gave time in creating these monsters as a separate piece from the riders. I won't detail much on the transformation but check out the video below on the steps to form Genocider.




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