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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toy Review: WAP! 01 Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style

Not all Kamen Rider fans are in to S.H. Figuarts so Bandai has always have an alternative line set. In unwritten, unspoken tradition since R&Ms, WFC and alike here is the Wizard Action Please series. Kamen Rider Wizard in the WAP line is made from less refined materials and applied with minimal paint applications. Kamen Rider Wizard showcases a stocky frame coupled with transluscent plastic on his chest and on the jewel-like cover on his mask.

The figure has all the major details like his Wizard Driver, the coat and the overall look. However, the ring holder does not come on as a separate piece and it is already molded on the coat. Kamen Rider Wizard has one subtle gimmick that is the lighted visor. It works as long as you take out the plastic tab at the back and press the upper chest piece to work that magic. Yup batteries are included.

This set is included with two weapons which is the WizarSwordGun in Sword Mode with a closed hand, and a WizarSwordGun in Gun Mode with an opened hand. For once, I’m actually a proud owner of a Kamen Rider figure that is not upscale and at par with most expensive Bandai or even Medicom figures.

Even if the visor is a bit dark, this can easily be let go because it is needed for the light effect. The only flaw of the figure is not the lesser details than of its more popular S.H.F. brother but the lack of the ab articulation. The introduction of this Kamen Rider Wizard figure in WAP line feels that this is more fun to play with. They are easy to get and way cheaper. Absolutely a great figure overall. 



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