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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Piece Voice Actor Takishita Tsuyoshi Passes Away

37-year old One Piece voice actor, Takishita Tsuyoshi passed away last March 10th as announced by talent agency Aoni Production.

Married to Shikano Jun in 2009, Takishita's passing is due to a fall while he is on his way home. No other details about the accident have been revealed. Takishita's works include the anime series One Piece as Captian Kuro, Shiba Yi on the PS2 game Shin Sangokumusou /Dynasty Warriors and some bits on Yu-Gi-Oh.  

Source: RBB Today


Anonymous said...

RIP Takishita, I really loved him as Wolf Yoshitomi in Saint Seiya Omega...

Btw, he didn't voice Captain Kuro. ._. Kuro's voice actor was Kouichi Hashimoto.

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