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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Confirmed Guest Stars In Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2

Continuing on with  last year's format, the upcoming Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2 will  be graced by past sentais and some familiar faces in the toku universe for the next 13 episodes. Through DecaEnd, we now have an updated list of guest stars. Check it out after the jump. 

  • Yu Kamio (Kamen Rider OOO)
  • Keiichi Waga (Dairanger's RyuuRanger)
  • Sakina Kuwae (Gekiranger's Natsume Masaki)
  • Beauty Kokubu
  • Yoshiyuki Ishizuka
  • Koichi Sakamoto
  • Takayuki Shibasaki
  • Mitsuko Horie
  • MoJo
  • Yukio Yamagata

 Season Two takes place in a parallel world, where they defeated Stema Otsu (Guerilla Marketers) before they reached the real world and it's 9 months after that. New villains will emerge in the form of General Two, the leader of “New Dimensional Intellect Remodeling Underground True Empire of Baros lol” (新次元頭脳改造地下真帝国バロスw). The name of the new group is a reference and combination of the villain organizations from Bioman (New Empire Gear), Jetman (Dimensional War Party Vyram), Liveman (Armed Brain Army Volt), Flashman (Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess), Maskman (Underground Empire Tube) and Dynaman (Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire). In addition, Ryo Horikawa (Dragon Ball Z's Vegeta), the guy who will play as General Two, is a fan of Super Sentai and his favorite villains is General Kar from Dynaman, from which his suit is based.
The new theme song will be entitled “Akibaranger Season Two” and will be sung by Haruko Momoi, Yukio Yamagata and MoJo. Masato Wada (AkibaRed), Karin Ogino (AkibaYellow), Honoka (Malsheena) and Maaya Uchida (Hiroyo Hakasa), Kozue Aikawa (Kozkoz) are confirmed to return on the second season. However, Kyoko Hinami will be replaced by 14 year old Shione Sawada, the new AkibaBlue/Luna Iwashimizu. In addition, a new character, General Two will be played by Ryo Horikawa (Dragon Ball Z's Vegeta). Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2 airs this April 5th.


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