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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Bug-A-Salt (Salt Gun)

Made by Skell Inc, the Bug-A-Salt gun is made from high-grade hard and sturdy plastic with 5 main components that make up this bug killer. First is lift the loader cap to pour in your granulated salt. On a full tank it can take about 50 rounds of a pinch of salt for each shot. A Salt viewing window is seen on the side near the nozzle to check how many rounds is left before you reload. 

Then slide handle to cock the gun, similar to your single barrel shot gun. Lastly are the trigger, the safety nob and the orange sight. After sliding the handle, the sight elevates to lock into target and to release, click back the safety and you are ready to aim and shoot. And once you do, the sight retracts letting you know that you need to repeat the process again.
The ideal distance between you and your target is about 3 feet but taking it point blank will not only kill flies but also roaches, wasps, mosquitos or any bug on that size. No, batteries, no awful smell, no toxins and something you can use almost everyday getting rid of bugs while you have fun. Just don’t forget to read the warning labels on the box what you can and cannot do.

I had this gun tested by my friends to provide me their own feedback about the product and found out that it is difficult to cock the handle back for middle-aged persons or those who have weak arms. Which me thinks that my grandmother will get a kick in using this but will take all of her strength to just make one shot. I also tried to experiment by not placing salt in the cylinder and use just compressed air on a point blank range against a bug, and it works! This means the warning labels on the box justifies how dangerous this can be if salt is included in the mix and use against people.  Unleash the hunter in you with Bug-A-Salt. More to this from the video review below.



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