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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Revengeance Raiden

One of the most exciting Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance release, Raiden, a man with a mission. Half man, half machine. Raiden is also one of the most detailed figures with some remnants from Cyborg Ninja and Solidus Snake but with a lot of exposed muscle that has been replaced by organic like neurocables.

Paint applications has never been this astonishing in the Play Arts Kai line. Starting with the dark shade coupled with a orange and grey tone of the cables. No detail has left unturned as warning labels placed on the figures armor just like previous Metal Gear Play Arts Kai releases.

He is inclusive of nicely detailed pair of hands that are easy to replace. Next is a replaceable, slightly opaque mask that can be pegged just on the forehead to interchange with the translucent bangs. Though an ingenious move, the visor doesn't really  lock that well but not as loose as you thought it would be. 

Weapons include three knives matched with a simple holster attachment. Each of these knives slide perfectly in the pockets. The biggest highlights among the weapons are the big scabbard that is pegged on either side of the thighs. It has a two-segmented arm to secure two more weapons, the High Frequency Blade and a dagger, placed on separate compartments. The High Frequency Blade is molded from a soft plastic material. Though bendable, I suggest not to get too excited as this might be susceptible to uneven warp.

One awesome thing that Raiden  apart for insanely sword abilities and ridiculous air time is that the ability to wield the sword using his feet. And this is also included in the set. These weird looking feet attachments have a curved heel to place the blade in between. With this, it is difficult to raise the figure on one leg that's why Square Enix also added a stage. Some assembly is required.  Awesome articulation and you can check that from the video review below. There is also a white version should you care more of the variants than of the original color.

As a total package, the Play Arts Kai Revengence hero Raiden is a very great addition to the franchise. Biggest takeaway is the sculpting, and the accessories are enough to keep your sword-slashing experience afloat. There are just a few very minor inconsistencies such as where the pegs are placed on the hips. On rendered images, it should be higher. One nitpick is the scabbard because it doesn't hold that well when lifted and placed on Raiden's back. That's it. The rest is for your to enjoy.



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